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We are a high-touch, full service, technology and healthcare recruitment agency born and based in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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We have built our business around one concept - common sense . Our culture is entirely focused around doing what is right for our clients. If you are looking to hire, or have hit a dead-end with your hiring, reach out and speak to us.

Industry Expertise
Our company founders and consultants have extensive, Japan recruitment experience in the areas of healthcare and technology. We work with a select few tech giants and startups, as well as with companies across Pharma, Medical Device, Healthcare Service Providers, Management Consulting and CRO. We have a wealth of experience and, more importantly, we only work on assignments where we have the requisite expertise as well as the bandwidth to meet and exceed expectations. Numerous clients have called us for their hardest-to-fill roles and we have delivered.
Network & Sourcing
Our healthcare specialists are working with a unique databases of contacts and candidates that have been carefully built and curated for over a decade.

Our technology consultants are skilled and trained at leveraging the established, niche and new platforms and channels to find and engage with top, technical talent. All of our candidates are screened by our team and we are able to provide pipelines of vetted, tailored recommendations thereby saving your time.
Our Culture & Values
There is no magic bullet for attracting the right talent quickly in Japan. There are several reasons why Japan ranks as one of the toughest markets in which to recruit anywhere in the world.

We are solution-oriented and long-term minded. We promise to work hard, methodically and conscientiously to ensure we represent your brand appropriately, communicate actionable insights and feedback and ultimately, get the right results no matter how long it takes.

Japan Expertise to Help You Build a Holistic Hiring Straetgy

Whether hiring locally, internationally or both, we have decades of experience putting together holistic, effective hiring solutions.

Is What You Are Offering Attractive?

We have consulted hundreds of hiring managers to help structure job descriptions, define expectations and manage application pipelining effectively.

Talent Targeting and Attraction Strategy
interview & Pipeline Management
Negotiation and Closing Expertise
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Local, Deep, Broad and Far-Reaching

We use tried and tested approaches and we try and test new approaches to allow us to engage a broader array of talent.

Extensive and Deep Japan Network
We have decades of shared experience working in the Japan market leveraging out networks and using various japan-specific channels
Worldwide Reach
We have an impressive track record of sourcing global talent for the Japan market using new and innovative methods
Our Areas of Coverage


Opportunities to work across a variety of industry verticals and build up and broaden your subject-matter expertise.

The software development industry is constantly evolving and is a driving force in the technology sector. In recent years, there has been a shift towards agile methodologies, which prioritize flexibility and collaboration in the development process. Another trend in the industry is the increasing use of open source software, which allows developers to freely use, modify, and distribute source code. The use of open source allows for more collaboration and innovation within the development community, and has led to the creation of a vast array of high-quality tools and resources. In addition, the proliferation of cloud computing has transformed the way that software is developed, deployed, and maintained, making it easier for developers to create and access scalable and reliable systems.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a vital sector that plays a critical role in improving the health and well-being of people around the world. In recent years, there has been a trend towards personalized medicine, which involves the use of genetic and other data to tailor treatment to the individual needs of patients. This trend is being driven by advances in genomics and other technologies that are providing a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of diseases. Another trend in the healthcare industry is the increasing use of digital technologies to improve the delivery of care, such as electronic health records, telemedicine, and mobile health apps. These technologies are helping to make healthcare more efficient and accessible, and are enabling the industry to move towards a more value-based model of care.

The increasing availability and accessibility of data has led to a greater demand for data professionals who can analyze and interpret data to inform decision-making.  Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become increasingly important in the field, as they enable data scientists to automate and improve upon traditional data analysis techniques.  The use of cloud computing has made it easier for organizations to store and process large amounts of data, enabling them to gain insights more quickly and at a lower cost.  There is a growing focus on data governance and ethics, as organizations seek to ensure that they are using data in a responsible and transparent manner.  Data visualization tools have become more advanced, allowing data professionals to more effectively communicate their findings to a wider audience.

The information technology (internal IT) industry is focused on providing and supporting the technological needs of organizations. This includes everything from maintaining and upgrading hardware and software, to implementing and managing networks and databases. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the use of cloud computing in the internal IT industry. This involves storing and accessing data and applications over the internet, rather than on local servers. The use of cloud computing can provide organizations with greater flexibility and scalability, as well as cost savings. Another trend in the internal IT industry is the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence to streamline and improve the efficiency of IT processes. This includes the use of tools such as chatbots and machine learning algorithms to handle routine tasks and provide support to users.

The cybersecurity industry is focused on protecting organizations and individuals from cyber threats such as hacking, data breaches, and malware. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve cybersecurity. These technologies can analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns that may indicate a security threat, allowing organizations to proactively defend against attacks. Another trend in the cybersecurity industry is the increasing importance of cloud security, as more organizations move their data and applications to the cloud. This has led to the development of specialized tools and services to protect against threats specific to the cloud environment. In addition, the proliferation of internet-connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), has created new security challenges, as these devices can potentially be used to access networks and data. As a result, there is a growing need for cybersecurity professionals who are skilled in securing IoT devices.

The UI/UX industry is focused on the design and user experience of digital products and services. This includes everything from websites and mobile apps, to software and smart home devices. A recent trend in the UI/UX industry is the use of design thinking, which is a user-centered approach to problem solving that involves empathy, experimentation, and iteration. This approach is being applied to a wide range of industries, and is helping designers create more intuitive and effective products and services. Another trend in the UI/UX industry is the increasing use of data and analytics to inform design decisions. By collecting and analyzing data on how users interact with products, designers can gain insights into what works well and what can be improved upon. This data-driven approach is helping to create more user-friendly and effective designs.

Demand for skilled Project, Program, and Product Managers has been on the rise as organizations across industries face increasingly complex and globalized projects. In Japan, where bilingualism is often required, the challenges are amplified. These roles require individuals who can effectively manage multiple stakeholders, drive cross-functional teams, and ensure successful delivery of projects, programs, and products... finding and hiring the right talent can be a daunting task. We specialise in identifying and placing highly qualified professionals who possess the language skills, cultural understanding and expertise needed to excel in these roles. 


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Our range of offerings tailored to help you achieve your talent acquisition goals as efficiently as possible

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We Are Serious About a Common Sense Approach
Being good at what you do requires knowing what you can't do. We'll deliver on what we believe we can and advise you on how to tackle challenges we can't solve.
We Are Here to Build Long-Term Partnerships
We work fast but we don't rush things. Building understanding and long term partnership takes patience, communication and perseverence.
We Bring Expertise Coupled with Flexibility
The labour marketing is ever evolving and we have successfully applied our foundational recruitment expertise to a variety of emerging disciplines

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